A game changing inspection device

Truly remote pipeline inspection technology. The result of years of research into stress magnetization.

Leading the way forward

In partnership with the University of Leeds, we've engineered the science of stress-magnetization to create a remote pipeline inspection tool which is used by integrity engineers worldwide on both piggable and non-piggable lines. This groundbreaking technology is called Stress Concentration Tomography, commonly referred to as SCT™.

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Comprehensive inspection

The only inspection technique in the world that can map the lateral position and depth of cover of the pipeline while providing comprehensive defect detection.

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Innovative technology

Using magnetic signatures to detect wall defects, weld defects, corrosion, SCC, physical features, lateral position and depth of cover.

Strategic Partnership with Rosen announced

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Key benefits of our patented technology

Comprehensive defect detection

A cost-saving addition to existing methods, weighing less than 8kg and requiring only a 2-man team to operate in the field, UNISCAN™is rapidly mobilized and can be deployed in many different environmental conditions.

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1. A stand-alone device

SCT™ offers a solution to pipeline operators in geo hazardous areas worldwide. It’s 3D mapping function and stress estimation capacity can report bending strain and can identify the exact location at which earth movement is leading to an imminent pipeline rupture.

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2. Monitoring

By targeting specific sections to monitor known defects on a longer pipeline, SCT™ eliminates the need to initiate a full-length PIG run. This means less downtime and more savings.

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3. Mapping

Use SCT™ to deliver an accurate map of the pipeline route including its depth of cover. Especially useful in areas of soil erosion where deployed in this way it will help reduce the possibility of damage through mechanical impact from farming and excavation equipment.

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4. Screening

SCT™ can be used to scan a long length of pipeline and then to identify segments that need further investigation using high resolution tools. By zooming in on specific regions of a pipeline the need to inspect entire long lengths with high resolution tools is removed saving time and cost.

Introducing UNISCAN

is the hardware used to collect raw data for analysis. It carries an array of magnetometers that collect the pipeline’s magnetic field in multiple dimensions and an onboard data logger that provides an LED display unit for the field operator to use as he walks along the axis of the pipe.

Complement ILI
and ECDA with SCT

Most pipeline operators have experienced unexpected additional excavation costs when repairing pipes following ILI reports especially when positioning is based on girth welds. They have also experienced excavations following DCVG reports of damaged coatings only to find no corrosion has initiated in the metal.