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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I view the brochures and white paper in other languages?

You can find our brochures in different languages at the following links
Official brochure: English, Chinese, Spanish, French
White paper: English, Chinese

How is the data analyzed?

Once the field survey is completed, the magnetic and topographical data is uploaded to headquarters in the UK where a team of analysts process it in order to determine key pipeline features. The results are compiled in a final report that is distributed to the client usually within a 4-week period, although preliminary results can be generated within a day to identify major hazards.

What can I do with the results?

Using the information in the final report, integrity managers can make swift and informed decisions on the exact locations on the pipeline that need repair or further investigation. If the pipeline is in good shape, they can maintain the current operating pressure of the pipeline and estimate the next time interval in which inspection is required.

How is the field survey conducted?

Once the client’s pipeline has passed a technical feasibility assessment, Speir Hunter’s technicians conduct an inspection of the client’s pipeline. During inspection, magnetic data of the pipeline and topographical data of above-ground features are collected using UNISCAN.